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Subjects: receptiveLanguage,expressiveLanguage,lifeSkills

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Description: I was surprised to discover how many of my special education students were unfamiliar with the fact that a week comprises seven days. These are associations with numbers that we often assume everyone knows, but many of our students have not fully mastered. Do your students struggle with quantity vocabulary? Are you teaching basic skills vocabulary or life skills vocabulary? Vocabulary words related to quantity are often referred to as non numeric vocabulary or number-based vocabulary, terms like "dozen," "midnight," "triplet," or "lunchtime." To address these gaps, incorporating speech therapy must-haves and engaging in semantics activities becomes crucial. Ensuring a solid foundation in non-numeric vocabulary, quantitative concepts, and numeric values is essential for comprehensive linguistic development. If you are looking for the 63 card BOOM deck that accompanies this worksheet- complete with 60+ words! Search for : Non-Numeric Vocabulary | Receptive Version or copy and paste this link: