L Sound Words- A Visual, Kinesthetic, & Metacognitive Approach

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by Of Mouth & Mind- D. Hamburg, SLP

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Description: These printables address the importance of approaching articulation/phonology training using a visual, kinesthetic, and metacognitive approach to teaching the L sound. The L sound is represented by it's own animal with arrow or directional cues for correct tongue placement lifted to the alveolar ridge. 6 worksheets included with 6 words each: Initial position- minimal placement shift Initial position- maximal placement shift Medial position- minimal placement shift Medial position- maximal placement shift Final position- minimal placement shift Final position- maximal placement shift -A poster is also included along with individual poster cards that can cut apart and given to students for home/classroom support. Each word is prompted by questions to support metacognitive thinking about whether each sound was produced correctly to foster sound generalization. These worksheets can be used during therapy sessions or for home support. The words can also be cut apart as task/flash cards as well.