Reading Passages For Author’s Purpose

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by Literacy Stations

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Grades: 1

Description: Introduce author’s purpose to your students with this resource, full of reading passages for author’s purpose, graphic organizers, games, bookmarks, and assessments. Included In The Author’s Purpose Reading Passages Set 8 different author’s purpose reading passages Author’s purpose printable bookmark 4 graphic organizers 4 games to check student’s understanding of author’s purpose Exit Tickets to informally assess author’s purpose Formal author’s purpose assessment ▪️ Why Will This Work In My Classroom? Many times, we cannot find the right reading passages to “fit” the particular reading skill when we are teaching reading comprehension strategies. The reading passages, as well as the other resources included focus directly on teaching your students to identify why an author wrote a text. Focusing on the specific skill in isolation first will help your students as they practice finding the author’s purpose on their own. ▪️ Adding the author’s purpose reading passages to your reading comprehension lesson plans will help your students isolate and practice parts of the text that they are curious about. Practicing author’s purpose with this resource will enable your students to learn this skill so they can critically think about future text. Grab your author’s purpose reading passages today!