Phoneme Isolation Activities For R-Controlled Vowels

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by Literacy Stations

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Grades: 1,2

Description: Make teaching phoneme isolation fun with these activities for r-controlled vowels. These phonemic awareness activities for r-controlled vowels are great for your students to practice isolating the sounds in their spelling words. And when they’re playing the card games or feeding the farm animals their r-controlled words, your students will be having so much fun that they won’t realize they’re practicing phoneme isolation! Included In The Phoneme Isolation Activities: ⬛️ 29 pages for r-controlled vowels. ⬛️ Picture and word cards for matching card games. ⬛️ Farm animal images to use at spelling centers. ⬛️ Puzzles to isolate the sounds and match the onset and rime. ⬛️ Cut and paste matching activities. ⬛️ Color by code pictures with CVC words. Your students will love feeding their hungry farm animals with the correct spelling of r-controlled vowels. By isolating phonemes in each r-controlled vowel words, your students will be able to read and write new words easily. R-Controlled Vowels Included: ⬛️ ar: park, shark, barn, card, jar, farm, arm, cart ⬛️ er: germ, fern, flower, herd ⬛️ ir: bird, girl, shirt, dirt ⬛️ or: fork, storm, corn, horn ⬛️ ur: fur, hurt, burn, nurse Need more phoneme isolation activities? Visit my store for more related products.