Phoneme Isolation Activities For Consonant Digraphs

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Literacy Stations

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Grades: 1,2

Description: Super charge your student’s phoneme isolation with these consonant digraph activities. These phonemic awareness activities for consonant digraphs are great for your students to practice isolating the sounds in their spelling words. And when they’re playing the card games or feeding the farm animals their consonant digraphs, your students will be having so much fun that they won’t realize they’re practicing phoneme isolation! Included In The Phoneme Isolation Activities: ⬛️ 27 pages for consonant digraphs. ⬛️ Picture and word cards for matching card games. ⬛️ Farm animal images to use at spelling centers. ⬛️ Puzzles to isolate the sounds and match the onset and rime. ⬛️ Cut and paste matching activities. ⬛️ Color by code pictures with CVC words. Your students will love feeding their hungry farm animals with the correct spelling of initial consonant digraphs. By isolating phonemes in each beginning digraphs, your students will be able to read and write new words easily. Consonant Digraphs Included: ⬛️ ch: chain, chair, chick, chin, cherry, cheese ⬛️ sh: sheep, shell, shirt, shark, shop, shoe ⬛️ th: thread, three, thumb, thorn ⬛️ wh: wheel, wheat, whisk, whale ⬛️ kn: knot, knit, knife, knee Need more phoneme isolation activities? Visit my store for more related products.