Letter N Hands On Centers

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by The Connett Connection

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Grades: 14,13

Description: Incorporate letters into all parts of your classroom with this letter N themed activity and center packet. Practice letter recognition while learning math and language arts skills for pre-k and kindergarten. This packet focuses on the beginning sound of the letter N as well as recognizing the letter N in capital and lowercase letter forms. There are centers to incorporate letters into math, reading, writing, blocks and sensory centers. Play games and make books to help solidify the letter knowledge! What is Included in Letter N Centers Letter Poster (Letter Recognition and Phonics) Word Cards (Phonics) Tracing Word Cards (Phonics, Handwriting, Fine Motor) Letter and Picture Cards (Game and Letter Recognition) Word Puzzles (Phonics and Spelling) Number Puzzles (Counting and Number Order) Sentence Strips (Phonics and Reading) Find and Tally (Counting and Phonics) Alphabet Game (Counting and Phonics) Letter Tracing Cards (Fine Motor, Letter Recognition and Handwriting) Patterning Center (Math Concepts) Counting Center (Letter Recognition and Counting) Letter Puzzles (Phonics) Letter Sorting Center (Letter Recognition) Beginning Sound Sorting Center (Phonics) Fine Motor Alphabet Mats for Playdough, Sticks, Geoboards and Building Mats (Fine Motor, Letter Recognition, Letter Formation) Letter N Reading Ring (Reading and Phonics)