Circle of Control Pack: Boom Card & Print Activities

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Box of OT

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Description: Are your students feeling anxious, worried or are they over thinking about things they can't change? Utilize this Circle of Control Activity Pack to help them differentiate between what they can control and what they can't. By teaching them to concentrate on manageable aspects, your students can better handle intense emotions like worry and frustration. This interactive activity is an excellent way to incorporate technology into your OT, counselling or psychology sessions. They are also a great way to maintain engagement through telehealth sessions. What's Included: Circle of Control Poster Worksheet for independent work (including 1:1 counselling or OT sessions) Group Activity: "Write the Room" Scoot game Online Interactive Activity with Boom Cards: Drag & Drop Exercises Answer sheets are provided for all activities. Ideas For Implementation: Incorporate into anxiety-related lessons Telehealth / contactless sessions. Use during coping skills lessons or groups. Include in emotional regulation lessons or groups. Ideal for students who frequently experience worry. Beneficial for students who need guidance in focusing on elements within their control.