CELF-5-5-8-9-21-Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals

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by ClaudiaCF Bilingual SLP, LLC

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Subjects: speech

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Description: This is an 8-page test template for the CELF-5, (5to8 and 9to21) in Word format. It has a description of the test and each subtest. Each subtest includes the objective, skills evaluated and academic implications. There are also sections to input the student's information related to scaled scores and standard and index information. Save time by using a template ready to put into your report. The resource includes a guidance performance table (standard score, severity rating and =/- standard deviation) to use for the narrative of the test. There is a descriptive example of the strengths and weaknesses analysis for each level:5 to 8 and 9 to 21. References: CELF-5 user's manual.