Task Cards - Complete the Lyrics 1980s Songs - Unscramble the Words - Dementia, Aphasia Game

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by The Function Well

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Description: This activity is designed to target word finding and memory skills in adults and music lovers. Research notes persons with aphasia, particularly those with non-fluent aphasia, are more easily able to sing lyrics vs speak the same word. (Kasdan et al, J Communication Disorders. 2018 Sept-Oct) This a fun and motivating activity for individuals and small groups. To complete the task, read the lyrics and unscramble the missing word. This task is appropriate for the following environments: skilled nursing (SNF), hospital, home health, schools Purpose of Task: To assess word finding and expressive language skills To assess reading comprehension Directions: 1. Read the lyrics and unscramble the letters to complete the missing word. 2. Clinician can extend learning by continuing to sing songs, or hum the melody. 3. For added fun, play the song while completing this activity. Areas Addressed: Attention Word finding Memory/ Recall