garbage bag color

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by clickplayrepeat

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Grades: 14,13

Description: ⭐️Read and color reading comprehension worksheets with sorting cards⭐️ Lets read and color with these super cute interactive flash cards and worksheets for color reading comprehension. These printable color sorting activities can be done at home or in school. Perfect for preschool or kindergarten. I teach letter of the week theme during the school year and this is great to have for letter G week. You can also use it for, community helpers or Earth Day! Colors that are included: ⭐️red ⭐️orange ⭐️yellow ⭐️green ⭐️blue ⭐️purple ⭐️black ⭐️brown ⭐️gray ⭐️white ⭐️pink ✨What's in the file: 11 sorting cards with color words on them 11 colored garbage bags 2 pages of coloring worksheets (all colors listed, 6 colors on each page, 1 blank image to color on your own) Directions: Option 1 Cut out and laminate for re-use Use as a group or independent activity Have kids read the color and then place the correctly colored image on top/next to Color in the worksheet with the correct color, color the blank one your choice Option 2 If you have purchased the full set A-Z, Take one of the same color from each each set and have your kids put them in alphabetical order Related keywords: primary colors, secondary colors, preschool math, preschool science,