Following Directions Coloring Activities

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by One-Stop Counseling Shop

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Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Discover the difference between "hearing" and "listening" with our Active Listening Adventure. You might be able to hear sounds, but true listening requires attention and thought. Our activities are designed to transform your students from passive hearers into active listeners. Dive into this pack and find 10 engaging coloring activities. Each one is built around single and multi-step instructions that students must follow accurately to complete their pictures. The fun lies in the challenge - can they get it right on the first try? Once done, let the students compare their work. The variance in interpretations will spark an interesting discussion on the nuances of active listening. It's a hands-on demonstration of how we might think we're listening when we're only hearing, and how two people can interpret the same instruction differently. Included are “scorecards” that let students gauge how well they listened and followed the directions - a great way to encourage self-assessment! 20 pages