Where Does It Belong? Home Edition Task Cards

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by TheSpedStitch

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Grades: 0

Description: 28 Task Cards! That include scenarios where certain items might best be used appropriately in the house. They ask questions like, "Where in your house would you find the refrigerator?", "Where in your house should you use a razor?" and more. In our classrooms we like to make it relatable, so we made sure to use first person language such as "your home" and more. This is perfect for any secondary life skills, vocational, autism, etc. classroom. I would note that it was created for a secondary life skills and 18+ programming in mind using age appropriate clip art and items used by teenagers and older. It addresses seven different areas in the home. *bedroom *kitchen *bathroom *living room *dining room *garage *yard (note: we intentionally added this because we wanted make sure students knew it wasn't appropriate to use things such as wheel barrel inside the home, etc.)