The Mysterious Map - Reading and Listening Comprehension

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by Wholesome School

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Subjects: reading,speakingListening,englishSecondLanguage,comprehensionAndCollaboration,litReadingComprehension

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: This is a listing for the following (in a zip folder): • 1 PDF (2 pages) of the short story The Mysterious Map and Reading Comprehension questions • 1 PDF (1 page) of the Answers to the questions • 1 MP3 audio file of the short story The Mysterious Map for listening comprehension (narrated with an easy-to-understand UK English accent) You can test your students in Reading and/or Listening Comprehension. I suggest you print the story and question on separate pages instead of on a single page (front and back) so the student can’t flip back and forth, if you’re also testing memory. It might be best to hand out the questions after the story is read and put away. The same questions can be used for Listening comprehension. Play the audio file and then pass out the Questions sheet. The Answer sheet is for the teacher.