Fall Short Stories Printable Worksheets | Fall Stories Comprehension

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by Speech Your Mind

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Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Fall Short Stories Printable Worksheets | Fall Stories Comprehension 8 Stories ! 4 Levels ! Are your students working on reading and/or auditory comprehension? These worksheets are geared toward early elementary students (or older students with more severe language impairments) who are working on answering wh questions about short, simple stories. If students are able, they can read the paragraphs to themselves and answer the questions. If you are working on auditory comprehension, read the text to the student(s). There are questions for antonyms and synonyms to target vocabulary development. Opinion questions are also included for each passage. 8 short paragraphs with 4 Levels: Color Code the Text - WH-Question/ Key Information Color Coding Yes - No Questions Multiple Choice Questions - field of 4 multiple choice options Open-ended responses for students to type answers The paragraphs have estimated lexiles between 610 to 1000 L (most are estimated for at least 810L). **WHEN PRINTING, BE SURE TO CHOOSE 'FIT TO PRINTABLE AREA **