Thanksgiving Decoding Worksheets

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by SLKey Therapy

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Subjects: firstDayOfAutumn,thanksgivingUS,handWriting,speech,ot

Grades: 0

Description: A Thanksgiving decoding worksheet is a wonderful activity designed to assist students with handwriting and letter recognition related to the Thanksgiving holiday. It includes a variety of secret code exercises that embody the warmth and tradition of Thanksgiving, such as decoding messages from Jokes to the First Thanksgiving. The worksheets encourage your students to become "detectives," using visual perception and eye-tracking skills to uncover hidden Thanksgiving messages from an occupational therapy perspective and also promote exposure to written language and emergent literacy skills as well as attention from a speech-language therapy perspective. By solving these festive codes, children can improve their handwriting by tracing coded messages in cursive or print, recognizing letters through Thanksgiving-themed puzzles, and developing critical thinking as they convert pictures or symbols back into text. This seasonal twist on learning ensures that students engage with educational material in a fun, holiday-spirited way. This includes a printer-friendly set of worksheets and a colorful set of worksheets.