Cut and Paste Music Terms Flap Book Music Worksheets for Band

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by Rainbow Forecast

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Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: Introduce musical terms to elementary to middle school students with this printable flap book worksheet! This cut-and-paste activity helps students understand terms like ensemble, solo, bridge, chorus, pitch, harmony, rhythm, and beat. With simple definitions and relatable examples, this worksheet makes learning music concepts easy. Features of this no-prep resource: just need to put out scissors and glue sticks for the cutting and pasting perfect for music sub plans, independent work packets or in class activity to reinforce freshly learned concepts. answer keys provided print and go! I recommend students glue these to a notebook (A4 or letter sized), so it's easy to reference to. 4 flap books with these following terms included: dynamics harmony key rhythm tempo bridge chord chorus melody verse beat ensemble instrument lyrics tune pitch refrain rest scale solo