I Need My Monster Book Companion Activities

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by L & I's Learning Lab

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Grades: 1,2,3

Description: I Need my Monster By Amanda Noll This book is currently a video book on Storylineonline. Before Reading Activity Partner – back to back/face to face discussion Make Predictions using the title and list During Reading As students listen to the story, they sketch a picture of each monster that appears. Teach can stop to give them time to sketch. Share sketches --- Discussion After Reading activities ---Independent comprehension question sheet. --Think about the monsters in the book and create a monster that you would like to have to play with or live under your bed. You can sketch it first or brainstorm using the activity sheets. Similes are also used to describe your monster. I also suggest lots of adjectives. Lastly write a story about your monster and you!!! Have Fun!!!!! CENTER ACTIVITY Cut out the puzzle pieces. Lay them on the floor randomly, Students can take turns putting the events in sequence. Refer to answer key when completed. Have a fun day with these activities. You will love this book!