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Grades: 14,13

Description: FREE sample of the Halloween edition worksheets from my busy book series Learn it all! Take a look at how cute these reusable pages are for your preschool & Kindergarten kids! ⭐️THIS IS A FREE SAMPLE OF THE RESOURCE BELOW. THIS FREE SAMPLE WILL NOT INCLUDE ALL OF THE PAGES. THE DESCRIPTION IS WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN THE FULL VERSION. IN THIS SAMPLE PDF YOU WILL RECEIVE 4 PAGES TO VIEW THE QUALITY AND VALUE YOU WILL BE GETTING. ENOJY YOUR FREE DOWNLOAD!⭐️ In this book you will find: 27 Alphabet in disguise pages-Use the alphabet page to trace each letter, identify the 5 letters in different font 21 Haunted House pages-Count the ghosts and write the number on the flashlight. Use the tracing page for practice. 13 Carve The Pumpkin pages- Read and identify the shape, and then draw a face on the pumpkin. Use the tracing page as a guide 11 I Put A Spell On You pages- Identify the image above the cauldron, and then spell/write the CVC word below. Use the word list page as a guide 9 Shades of Candy Corn pages- Read and identify the color, and then circle the shade that belongs on top 12 Trick or Treat pages-Find the hidden candy in the dark bag 5 Candy patterns pages- Complete each pattern, and then create your own ⭐️98 total worksheets⭐️