Valentine's Day Spanish Articulation printable

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by BilingualSLP LLC

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Subjects: holiday,valentinesDay,speech,articulation,bilingual

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This resource is a great tool for speech therapists who want to target a variety of Spanish phonemes at the word level. This Valentine's Day Printable Spanish Articulation resource is perfect for speech therapists who work with Spanish-speaking students. The resource includes 35 pages of no-prep activities to target a variety of Spanish phonemes at the word level. Each page has 10 words with the target phoneme, making it easy to focus on specific sounds. The words are presented in a themed Valentine's Day format, making it a fun and engaging activity for students. Includes: 10 Initial B words 10 Medial B words 10 Initial D words 10 Medial D words 10 Initial F words 10 Medial F words 10 Initial G words 10 Medial G words 10 Initial K words 10 Medial K words 10 Initial L words 10 Medial L words 10 Final L words 10 Initial M words 10 Medial M words 10 Initial N words 10 Medial N words 10 Final N words 10 Initial P words 10 Medial P words 10 Initial RR words 10 Medial RR words 10 Medial R words 10 Final R words 10 Initial S words 10 Medial S words 10 Final S words 10 Initial T words 10 Medial T words 10 Initial X words (i.e., "jabon") 10 Medial X words (i.e., "ajo") 10 Medial ñ words 10 Initial Y words 10 Medial Y words 10 Initial CH words 10 Medial CH words Each page includes 10 words with the target phoneme(s). The resource has 35 pages in total and is no-prep, making it an excellent choice for busy speech therapists who want to save time. The pages can be printed out and col