Transportation Vocabulary Flashcards

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Description: Are you looking for transportation vocabulary flash cards with realistic pictures or photos for your students? Do you find clipart flashcards unappealing to your older or adult English leaners? These 48 realistic flash cards work perfectly for English language learners, speech therapy students, students with special needs, and more! Give your students REAL, context-driven learning experiences that provide plenty of opportunity for all kinds of extended conversations and discussions. All flash cards are available as a PDF for easy viewing and printing. See included products for details and full product previews! In this download, you get: Realistic vocabulary flashcards that relates to transportation and vehicles Vocabulary that is suitable for students of all ages, depending on their learning needs Cards with and without colored borders Cards that are sized to fit easily into your standard, classic photo boxes/task card boxes Low-prep cards that you can reuse over and over - just print, cut, laminate, and go! Sample of terms included in this download: car truck van semitruck horse trailer car transporter tractor bulldozer dump truck crane train plane helicopter boat ship kayak ski ATV RV