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Grades: 14,13

Description: ⭐️FREE sample of the New Years edition worksheets from my busy book series Learn it all! Take a look at how cute these reusable pages are for your preschool & Kindergarten kids! ⭐️THIS IS A FREE SAMPLE OF THE RESOURCE BELOW. IT WILL NOT INCLUDE ALL OF THE PAGES. ONLY 4⭐️ ⭐️Learn all subjects by theme, New Years edition worksheets for homeschool or classroom workbook for kids ages 3-5 Teach your child the fundamentals of early childhood learning with these New Years themed worksheets . These printable NO PREP pages feature holiday images such as: fireworks, party supplies, calendar, clocks and more! They are perfect for improving overall cognitive development. Use them for homeschool, distance learning/teaching, traveling activities, classroom and more. A perfect study guide book for preschool and kindergarten assessment testing. ⭐️26 Find the font pages-Identify the letter on the hat and circle the 5 matching letters ⭐️1 New Years number tracing page-Trace the numbers 1-31 to help with the calendar counting ⭐️31 Calendar Counting pages- Identify which number is missing on the calendar and fill it in ⭐️12 Celebrating Shapes pages- Read and identify the 2D shape ⭐️7 Missing color pages-Identify the color that is missing from the rainbow and then color the party hat ⭐️12 Clock Countdown pages- Draw hands on the clock to create the correct time ⭐️9 Comparing Cider pages- Identify the glass with the most cider, and then fill them in to all be equal ⭐️98 total worksheets