Problem Solving & Solutions | Problem Sizes

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by Shine Speech Activities

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Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Problem solving stories, problem size, solutions, common problems and more are included in this set. There are 80 unique scenarios for critical thinking. Open response questions and multiple choice questions are included in every story! ⭐️ 80 Problem Solving Stories -80 unique scenarios -Multiple choice question for every story -2 open response exercises for every story ⭐️ Problem Size Slides & Questions -5 in-depth teaching pages -Problem size (small, medium, big) definitions -Emotions related to problem sizes -Color coordinated visual -2 small problem exercises -2 medium problem exercises -2 big problem exercises ⭐️ Common Problems & Questions -Teaching slide with definitions & examples -6 scenarios of common problems -2 free response questions per scenario With 80 unique stories, 12 common problem scenarios, 6 problem size questions and multiple teaching pages, you will be able to use this resource for many teaching sessions. You won't need anything else!