All about pumpkins

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by Kindergarten232

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Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This pumpkin investigation science center is made by 40 pages to work on Pumpkin investigation for the little ones. It contains hands-on activities, differentiated worksheets, vocabulary cards, posters, a pumpkin journal, titles of the activities and more! This resource can be used lots of different days as it has activities to work different topics related to pumpkins like: life cycle of a pumpkin, parts of the pumpkin, measuring, size order, colouring, writing, tasting pumpkin... IT CONTAINS: 1. All about pumpkins title 2. Titles and instruction for the activities ( Measure the pumpkin, Weigh the pumpkin, pumpkin investigation, Outside looks like, How many seeds?, Pumpkin taste test...) 3. My pumpkin discoveries worksheet (drawing frame) 4. My pumpkin discoveries worksheet (drawing and writing frame) 5. Life cycle of the pumpkin poster 6. Life cycle of a pumpkin activity (cut and paste) 7. Life cycle of a pumpkin activity (drawing) 8. Parts of a pumpkin poster 9. Parts of a pumpkin activity (cut and paste) 10. Parts of a pumpkin activity (writing independently) 11. My pumpkin investigation worksheet (outside looks like.., inside looks like.., measure it and count the seeds) 12. Pumpkin measuring mat 13. Pumpkin cut outs 14. Size ordering mat 15. Weighing pumpkin mat (lightest and heaviest) 16. All about my pumpkin worksheet 17. Design your pumpkin (colouring sheet) 18. Pumpkin drawing (inside and outside) 19. Vocabulary cards: each step of the life cycle 20. My pumpkin j