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Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Synthetic Phonics Are you struggling to teach reading to your pre-k, kindergarten or first grade class? I have been using the synthetic phonics approach for years! It has been the most effective way to teach reading to my students! Instant self accomplishment when my student were able to read their first word (sat) within the first week! The synthetic phonics method gets children reading and writing from an early age. This means that we teach letter sounds as opposed to the alphabet. These 42 letter sounds are phonic building blocks that children use to decode the English language. When reading a word, they recognize the letters and blend together the respective sounds; when writing a word they identify the sounds and write down the corresponding letters. These skills are called blending and segmenting. Grades: Pre-k, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade Can be used for Synthetic Phonics or Analytic Phonics Directions: Read the sentence. Practice the sound. Air write the letter. Trace and write the letter. Color the picture! Includes: 42 pages Letters in SATPIN ORDER s,a,t,i,p,n,c,k,e,h,r,m,d,g,o,u,i,f,b,ai,j,oa,ie,ee,or,z,w,ng,v,oo,y,x,ch,sh,th,qu,ou,oi,ue,er,ar (Alternate spelling included. ew,oy,ir) Features: Each page has blue and red lines to indicate where to start and stop a letter and a handwriting house. Format: Created in Canva saved as PDF