Alphabet Puzzle Shaped Letters Uppercase Lowercase Pictures Sentences Worksheets

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by RoJM Teaching Resources

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Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This resource relates to the alphabet Aa to Zz. The uppercase and lowercase are puzzle-shaped for students to color in together with pictures beginning with the letters. On each worksheet students read the sentence that include the word and then trace over the sentence. The final task is to color in 3 pictures that begin with the letter. These print and go worksheets are ideal as extra for early finishers, homework or use to assess your learners on each letter of the alphabet. 1. Color the puzzle letters. 2. Trace the words for the pictures. 3. Color in the picture. 4. Read the simple sentence. 5. Trace the simple sentence. 6. Color in three pictures in the grid that begin with the letter. There are 3 pictures for each letter Aa to Zz: ant, apple, arrow, banana, bike, button, cactus, cage, castle, dog, domino, door, egg, elephant, envelope, feather, fish, fork, gate, guitar, gum, hand, hook, house, igloo, ill, ink, jar, jacket, jellyfish, kettle, key, kite, ladder, lamp, leg, medal, megaphone, mouse, narwhal, needle, nose, octopus, onion, origami, peas, pencil, piano, queen, quill, quilt, rabbit, rainbow, ring, scissors, snake, sock, table, teeth, tent, upside down, umbrella, under, van, vase, visor, watch, windmill, window, x-ray fish, x-ray of girl, xylophone, yoga, yogurt, yo-yo, zip/zipper, zero and zoo. Hope you like it:)