R blends Word Work and Games

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

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by Dynamic Learning

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Subjects: phonics,phonologicalAwareness

Grades: 1,2

Description: CCSSRF.1.2 CCSSRF.1.2b CCSSRF.1.2d CCSSRF.1.3 CCSSRF.2.3 This R Blends Scoot game and word work activities are a great way to play with phonics as students learn r blends. Our kids love playing Scoot. This game will get your students up and moving as they practice . Use it as an assessment or as a center with manipulatives. It also makes a great read around the room activity. We have included picture sorts in color and black and white as well as the matching words to challenge students who need that differentiation. This is one of our favorite games to play with phonics. Includes: Directions to “Scoot” 24 task cards for and 4 Take a Break Cards if you have more than 24 students in color and black and white. R Blend manipulatives 8 picture sorts in color and black and white for br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr 6 differentiated worksheets that include color sheet, cut and paste, fill in blanks and spelling the words. Teacher Guides for 5 Games Recording sheet Answer Keys Teacher Tips