A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by Reading by Heart

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Grades: 3,4,5,6

Description: Give your striving readers practice RECOGNIZING and PRONOUNCING the word parts / morphemes they will use to decode GIGANTIC, multisyllabic words. ★ NOW INCLUDES GOOGLE SLIDES® DIGITAL VERSION! ★ TIC TAC TOE is a fun, quick way to practice these word parts. EASY TO PREPARE, STORE and USE, TIC TAC TOE can be laminated or placed in page protectors for write-and-wipe practice, or students can use as a simple pencil & paper activity. Included are word part cards from SETS 1-47. Use the included word parts cards (with pronunciation suggestions) or use word parts flashcards or lists you may already have! Teacher can select the cards from the sets students are studying or students may use all cards randomly. The set numbers are on the top right corner. ★INCLUDED★ GOOGLE SLIDES® VERSION plus 2 FULL-PAGE MATS 1 HALF-PAGE MAT 1 6-GAME PENCIL & PAPER PAGE 467 WORD PART CARDS from SETS 1-47 ★USE FOR★ SMALL GROUPS TUTORING EARLY-FINISHERS HOME WORK WHOLE-CLASS TEAMS