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by From Little Acorns

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Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: Printable resource to support early language development and auditory memory skills. Please note: This is NOT a Boom deck, but is a printable PDF file. I have lots of transport related Boom Decks available in my store - From Little Acorns - which use the same pictures. Please take a look! Lots of ways to play using these resources: Target comprehension and naming of transport vocabulary. Use the cards as cue cards for toy play. Play matching and memory games and more! Contents: - Three pages with suggestions of activities for following commands, blank levels comprehension and to target memory skills. - One full page scene of a road, sea and sky - Twelve pages of A6 size cards featuring the road/sea/sky scene with 1-4 vehicles on it. Use these cards in barrier games, to improve auditory memory skills or to support expressive language. - 2 pages of smaller individual vehicle pictures. Main vocabulary: ambulance, car, bike, motorbike, bus, truck, plane, boat, fire truck, police car, tractor, train. Additional pictures: submarine, van, ship, rocket, helicopter, digger. Images by Matt Oakes Illustration: