PDF-Reading comprehension 1st grade-UPLOAD

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by ClaudiaCF Bilingual SLP, LLC

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Grades: 1

Description: This is a 20-page PDF resource on reading comprehension at the 1st grade level. This product contains 9 stories and passages with 7 questions each to address “WH” questions, other types of questions (i.e., “yes/no”), identification of elements in a story (title, characters, setting, main idea, etc.). Navigate the PDF resource using the links in the table of content page page OR scroll pages down or up until you find the story desired. Open your PDF, navigate to the “table of content” and select the “tools” option. Pick “fill/sign” and select from the options to answer the questions.. Have your students provide written or verbal responses. Support them as needed. Find the ELA CORE standards for your state below: http://www.corestandards.org/standards-in-your-state/ This product is appropriate for students in 1st grade and homeschooled children Please follow the reading academic standards in your region.