ACE Words Dice Game - A CVCe Word Phonics Activity

A file or printable companion for Boom Cards

by The Connett Connection

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Grades: 13,1

Description: Practice reading and writing ACE word family words with these phonics dice games for CVCe words. Students will gain practice reading, spelling and writing words with long vowel sounds with the magic e phonics rule. Students will roll the dice then color, trace or write the target word. These games are differentiated for students who need more support can be successful as well. These games make great literacy centers or phonics stations. Skills Assessed Blending Onset and Rime Reading CVCe Words Writing CVCe Words Spelling CVCe Words Ways to Use: Use the tracing pages to trace the word rolled (single player) Use the grid pages to color the word rolled (single player) Create a graph by rolling the dice X number of times and then filling in the blank grid squares. (single player) Three in a Row: Using the grid paper with words, students take turns rolling the dice and coloring the words in the grid. The first player with 3 words in a row wins. (partner game)