The Gabbing Ghost Board Game- Articulation /s,z,r,th/+ ALL S/R blends

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by Speechable Moments

Price: 375 points or $3.75 USD

Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Help the Gabbing Ghosts jump from candy corn to candy corn to get to the haunted house. Pick a ghost to be your pawn. To move around the board, pick a piece of candy from the bottom of the screen. Each candy has a number 1-3 hidden under it. After you pick your candy, drop it in the trick-or-treat bag and move your ghost the number of spaces indicated. Be careful...sometimes a bat gets in the way of the ghost's path. If this happens, move back one space.  If you land on a candy corn with a target word, practice the word the same number of spaces you moved. Target Sounds at the word level: S initial, medial, and final S Blends - /SW,SL,SK,ST,SM,SN,SP/ Z mixed R Blends- /BR,GR,KR,TR,DR,FR/ R Pre-vocalic and vocalic TH mixed (voiced and voiceless)