Tour de France Reader

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by Speak Up Language Learners

Price: 275 points or $2.75 USD

Subjects: ela,socialstudies,cultureAndSociety,reading,speakingListening

Grades: 2,3,4

Description: This is the English version of this story. This is an interactive story about the tour de France. There is audio for each page for students to listen while they read. The story is made up of 20 cards. There are two types of interactive comprehension task cards included as well. Task card set #1 is made up of 5 cards Students will read & listen to a line of text from the story. Next they will click & drag the image that illustrates the text/audio clip. Task card set #2 is made up of 6 cards Students will read/listen to a comprehension question. Students will choose between 2 possible answers to each question.