All About the Weather | English & Spanish

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by Bilingual Speechie

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Subjects: speech,language

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This Boom Card activity comes in English and Spanish! It's the perfect activity to learn about the weather and the seasons. In this activity, you will be able to target a variety of language goals such as pronouns, utterance length, questions, adjectives and comprehension of the text. Pronouns Activity - focuses on the pronoun usage of HE/SHE. The student describes the picture by naming the season or describing the weather (field of 3 provided). Then the student decides what clothes are appropriate for the character. Sentence strips provided. Utterance Length- this activity focuses on the carrier phrase "I SEE" or "VEO UN." The student describes what items are typically seen in the weather listed on the prompt. Questions - The student answers simple "WHAT" questions by selecting which clothing item he/she wears in certain weather. A field of 3 is provided. Adjectives - The student describes the picture scene by selecting the correct weather term or adjective (rainy, snowy, windy, etc) to describe the picture. Field of 3 is provided. Comprehension - A short story about the weather is provided. The student answers simple "WHAT" questions based on the text of the story. A field of 4 is provided.