First 100 Fry Sight Words | Assessment Level 3 - 3/5

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by Smart.Way

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: Assessments Level 3 for the first 100 fry sight words. This is 3 of 5 decks made as a follow up to our 'First 100 Fry Sight Words Mini Sets' series. This deck and the remaining 4 decks in this set are level 3 assessments having 'listen and type' activity. The student has to listen to the word given as audio and type the correct spelling of the given sight word. (In the cards where a word can have other homophones, additional hint audio is given. The required word is used in a sentence to clarify the meaning, so the student could type the correct answer). The objective of this deck is to assess the ability of the student to write/type the correct spelling of 20 sight words included in set 9 - 12: there use an each which she do how their if will up other about out many then them these so You may also like to see assessment level 1 and 2 for First 100 fry sight words mini-sets 9 - 12: Level 1: Level 2: