Cuando Era Niño | Imperfect Tense in Spanish Reading Comprehension

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by SrtaSpanish

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Subjects: language

Grades: 6,7,8,9

Description: These short readings are a great way for your students to get lots of input! This resource includes 18 short readings about people and their childhoods written in comprehensible language. The readings include vocabulary supports at the bottom of the page to help your students be successful. The readings are a basic summary of each person's favorite activities and pastimes as a child! The readings include: ❁ Name ❁ the age they’re sharing about (when I was ____ I would..) ❁ what they used to do as a kid ❁ a favorite (food, toys, activities) ❁ one thing they used to do with another person/group (family member, friend, class in school,etc) ++Vocabulary support in the form of footnotes Some readings include: ❁ what they looked like (physical characteristics) ❁ how frequently they did that/those activities ❁ Likes/dislikes The readings are written in PAST TENSE WITH SOME PRESENT TENSE. Both imperfect and the preterite are used in these readings.