Rhythm Reading: 3/4 Meter

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by Jodi Austin

Price: 200 points or $2 USD

Subjects: music,musicElementarySkills,musicGuitar,musicOrchestra,musicChoir,musicBand,musicPiano

Grades: 3,4,5,6,7

Description: Meaningful digital learning for the music students! Designed for blended learning in band, orchestra, chorus, guitar, and piano classes. This Boom Deck practices and assesses accurate rhythm reading through traditional counting method (1&2&). Students will slide the correct count into the space provided under each note and receive INSTANT feedback on their device from home or in person. No paper worksheets are needed for teaching rhythm reading! Using this deck, your students will get the practice they need from digital exercises that have the look of games! Includes half notes, half rests, quarter notes, quarter rests, and beamed eighth notes. What are Boom Cards? They are interactive, self-grading, paperless exercises with a gamified look. They can be played on laptops, Chromebooks, or mobile devices. Teachers like you save time using Boom Cards to easily attain learning target data. Boom Learning is the easy path to distance learning now and blended learning later!