Adding on the Number Line: With Sums Up To 1,000

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by Busy Me Plus Three - Alisha Satterwhite

Price: 300 points or $3 USD

Subjects: math

Grades: 2,3

Description: This set is a great way to practice adding on the number line in second or third grade. This set goes up to 1,000. Students will use the counter on the number line to practice counting on. They are able to move the counter to "jump" from digit to digit on the number line! This will help them add and come up with the sum to the addition problem. The number lines are set up in various ways. They incorporate skip counting by 5's, 10's, or 100's. There are 100 slides in this deck. This set randomizes to play 25 cards at a time. So, each time your students play, they will get a new set of cards! To keep it fun and exciting, I have included 11 different background scenes! This set also includes sound files where the students click on the sound button to have the words read to them. This is perfect for your non-readers or low readers. If you are looking for a printable companion resource, please copy and paste the following link into your address bar: