FRENCH Lowercase Letter Formation with Audio

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by Peg Swift French Immersion

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Subjects: language

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: ***Please select the FULL-SIZED PREVIEW in order to proceed past the learning card*** FRENCH Lowercase Letter Formation with Audio Students will practice lowercase letter formation, initial sounds and learn to recognize letters of the alphabet with this fun resource! →Trace each lowercase letter following the guide lines in proper order. NOTE: Each letter repeats its formation until the student clicks the checkmark on the card. The instruction to 'touch the letter' is included only to encourage students to trace it and does not require an actual touchscreen device - the letters will repeat on their own. → Includes Cc and Gg doux et dur. • Great for building French vocabulary and phonological awareness. --- Includes a Learning Card that will always be played first in the deck. Students can touch each letter to hear its name and see how it is formed before moving on to the challenge cards.--- • Boom Cards are also great for Distance Learning! Be sure to check out my entire Boom Card collection at my store!