Expanding Sentences with prepositional phrases - FREEBIE

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by Winter Sisters

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Subjects: speech,nativeSpanish,modalitiesAAC,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,cognitionAttention,cognitionMemory

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Digital, no print resource – Boom Card Deck, will help your student increase MLU with the help of sentence strips while working on prepositional phrases and questions With this deck, the student will answer to questions pointing to the correct response, while choosing from 2 or 3 options. Then the student is asked to incorporate the response to a sentence, by moving the symbol into the open slot on the sentence strip. Given a verbal cue (audio) the student can repeat the utterance while using the sentence strip as a visual prompt. A total of 5 questions are made on each set prompting the child to attend to details for information The student will learn to recognize the words on the sentence strip as Boardmaker symbols are used and repeated throughout the activity. While engaging in repetitions, the student will be able to remember the first part of the sentence and more easily incorporate the new information, helping him in this way to expand the number of words used in utterances while using correct grammar. Cards on deck: 10, five questions and sentence building activities Boardmaker Symbols used with permission. I am a Maker Personal Member. This free deck only includes one set of pictures/questions, if you like it, please consider purchasing the full deck with 4 sets, or other decks in my store that focus on expanding sentences.