Spanish Subject Pronouns

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by MaestraInTheMiddle

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Subjects: language,instructionalSpanish

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10

Description: This bundle deck features 41 cards of Spanish Subject Pronoun practice. This deck is perfect for reviewing subject pronouns in Spanish. This reviews Spanish subject pronouns, subject pronouns replacements and subject pronouns in context. This features multiple choice questions. Note: While there is 1 card on vosotros, the emphasis is on ustedes usage over vosotros. This deck is best for beginners in Spanish who are learning subject pronouns in Spanish. This deck contains: -41 BOOM Cards in Spanish -Subject Pronouns Practice -Multiple choice questions Vocabulario used: yo, tú, él/ella/usted, nosotros, vosotros, ellos/ellas/ustedes, practicar, usar, ver, correr, dibujar, leer, ir, hablar, bailar, escuchar música, mi amigo/amiga, los chicos, las chicas, jugar videojuegos, practicar deportes, tocar el piano If you have questions or suggestions please email Thank you!!