Thanksgiving Math Boom Cards: Subtraction Facts Within 20 Turkeys at School

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by Games 4 Learning

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Subjects: math,thanksgivingCanada,thanksgivingUS,mathElementary,operationsAndAlgebraicThinking,additionAndSubtraction,games

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: These fun Thanksgiving math Boom Cards are for subtraction facts within 20. They are a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving in math time. There are 41 cards for subtraction facts within 20. In this deck there are four turkeys to discover in a mystery picture style format. On the cards children solve the subtraction equations to uncover the picture of a turkey showing what the turkey likes to do at school. This is a fun way to practice subtraction facts making it an ideal activity for first grade, second grade or third grade or those who need to work on developing subtraction fact fluency. There are four turkeys to uncover and children solve 9 subtraction equations to uncover the mystery picture of each turkey. These Thanksgiving themed subtraction cards make a fun Thanksgiving math activity that you can use in the classroom or for distance education or homeschool. Looking for more Thanksgiving Math Activities? Make sure you visit my store for more fun Thanksgiving math including addition, multiplication and multiples.