How to Learn to Spell, Short E Words

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by Clever Speller Story Based Learning

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1

Description: How to learn to spell in 4 easy steps. On each card the student will hear a word, sound out the word into phonemes, spell each sound with letters and then say the completed word. These fun interactive digital task cards support children to understand exactly what to do when learning to spell. In this deck: 10 CVC words 4 CVCC words 1 VCC word 4 more complex CVC words where the final sound is made by 2 letters (ll as in egg, fell, tell and mess). 1 CVC word where the first sound is made by 2 letters, (sh as in shed) On each card: 1: Hear a word: tap and hear 2: Sound out word: tap each letter/sound and hear each sound in the word 3: Spell word: drag the letters to spell the word 4: Say word: hear and say the completed word All words and pictures are from the original phonics story ‘My best Friend Fred’ by Clever Speller.