Primer Sight Words SET 2 | Visual and Auditory Teaching Cards with GIFs and Audio

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by Creative Adventurers' Club

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Subjects: foundationalSkills,reading,sightWords,phonology,speechFluency,communicationSkills,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: This Primer Sight Words Visual and Auditory Teaching Deck SET 2 contains 52 CARDS created to facilitate learning sight words specifically intended for young and/or struggling readers. This technique uses a multi-sensory approach to learning sight words - visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Use these teaching slides to introduce the Primer Dolch Sight words to your student. Each word is contained in 2 slides - the first one instructs the students to listen to the sight word and look at the picture. The second slide tasks the student to read the sentence containing the sight word. Use this deck together with the Primer Sight Words Multi-Sensory Activity Deck for practice and mastery of these the high frequency words. The Primer Sight Words included in this deck are: ride they she so this under their soon saw on was well what went want our too pretty out ran please white yes who will with