Following 3-Step & 4-Step Directions with Prepositions Napping House Activity

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by SpeechRUS

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This interactive no- prep activity is used to help students follow 3-step & 4-step directions with prepositions. Students are present with characters from the book The Napping House. Students are also able to build their vocabulary by putting the correct character in the correct place of the bedroom scene. The bedroom scene includes a bed, basketball, clock and bookshelf. Students are presented with 4 visual choices of nouns. This is great for speech therapy, teletherapy, or even in person therapy! This activity can be used with higher level students to answer "what" and "where" questions. Different animals and people can be placed in the picture scene. Students can be asked "what" questions such as "what do you see" or "where is the granny" to target prepositions. This activity includes the following: - 6 different characters from the book The Napping House: - Granny, dog, cat, mouse, child, and flea - 8 different prepositions - in, under, on, between, next to, under, below and above Some of the following IEP goals can be targeted: - Following multi-step directions with basic concepts - Identifying & labeling prepositions - Describing (e.g. attributes, function, category, parts) - Identifying and labeling nouns - Following directions with basic concepts - WH questions (e.g. ask students what do you see, what does a dog say, what color is the flea, what color is the old lady where, where is the child, etc.)