Building Heart Words: Set 2 Interactive Sight Words

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by Tammy's Toolbox

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Subjects: foundationalSkills,reading,ela,sightWords,phonics,readingSkills

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Give your students a playful edge in reading and spelling high-frequency heart words! This engaging set of 34 Digital Boom Task Cards utilizes a multisensory, science of reading approach to solidify those irregular sight words that don't follow the usual phonics rules. Two engaging practice cards per word (30 total!) cater to different learning styles and increase motivation. Includes 15 words that can be practiced individually to prevent students from being overwhelmed with too many words at once. The instructional card and word list explain the concept and allow students to choose the word to practice. Perfect for differentiation. Usable with any program. Interactive activities include: - Sound: Hear the word spoken clearly. - Drag & Drop: Map words by dragging letters. - Type the Answer: Reinforce spelling skills. - Draw & Trace: Enhance memory through kinesthetic learning. - Listen & Identify: Hear the word used in a sentence to build context. - Animation: Fun animations keep students engaged. - Printable flashcards are available separately and included as a bonus in the bundle. Building Heart Words – Set Two - your, were, what, where, their, done, they, there, eye, who, come, any, again, buy, won Science of Reading Aligned: By incorporating multiple modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), these cards effectively target different learning pathways, aligning with the Science of Reading CCS Aligned: CCSS RF.K.3, CCSS RF.K.3a, CCSS RF.1.2, CCSS RF.1