Bilingual Core Vocabulary & MLU | Christmas Themed

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by Bilingual Speechie

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Subjects: speech,specialed,language

Grades: 15

Description: This is a fun christmas-themed activity that will allow you to target a variety of areas such as core vocabulary, inferencing, pronouns, adjectives, mean length of utterance, describing, commenting and more! Read the prompt to your student and have he/she guess what's inside the present. Reveal what is inside the present by dragging the present. Have your student drag the toy item onto the sentence strip and then say the sentence strip. Reveal a hidden video by dragging the rectangle. Watch the video about the toy and create more language opportunities! Core words targeted: open/abre he/she (él/ella) see (veo) have (tiene) I Sentence strips included: I + have / Tengo + un(a) He/She+ has / Él/Ella + tiene I +see / Veo + un(a) Verb+article+adjective+noun / Verbo+articulo+sustantivo+adjetivo