Mystic Down: Ages of Woe Parts 3-4

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by American Reading Corps

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 7,8,9,10

Description: Mystic Down: Ages of Woe is a graphic, 6-part short story of just over 6,000 words and 200 graphic slides. The story takes place across two ages of time, one in the future and one in the past. A few people from each age come together to defeat a virus. Mystic Down is a mixed-genre story, blending science fiction (complete with robots and a futuristic city) with fantasy (complete with dragons and a mystic). The story is somber in tone and features an undercurrent of spiritual forces (i.e., the Light and the Dark). The story is non-religious, so students bring their own beliefs to the story. There is no violence in the story, but several characters are seen holding weapons, and a few characters have scars from war. There is no sexual content, but there are 2-3 love interests. This story is complete (it can stand on its own), however, it was built as a story frame where middle/high school students write to enhance the story. Over 100 prompts in the 6-part version were developed in strict alignment to the Common Core State Standards. Students create scenes, characters, transitions, back-stories, narrative scenes, and even write conclusions from different character viewpoints. There are also prompts that provide students opportunities to analyze characters or events, compare and contrast characters, and summarize the plot. Purchase this on TPT to get the story pdf with high resolution pics. Images in Boom are reduced by the software & I cannot upload the story pdfs. :-(