Sounds Write #04 CVC words - "Halloween Rooftop Ghosts" for Literacy

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by PuddleJumpers

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Subjects: speech,foundationalSkills,phonics,halloween,ela,reading

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: "Halloween Rooftop Ghosts" for Literacy The one with the most ghosts on their roof wins! It’s a bit spooky this time of year and the ghosts like to party on top of the roofs. The roof with the most ghosts is the 'ghouliest' place to be! But watch out for things that might knock your ghost off your roof. Read and say the words and choose a card to look under, if you get a ghost you pop it on your roof, if you get a pesky pumpkin you can steal one of your opponents ghosts, but if you get a bat he will knock off one of your own ghosts. The one with the most ghosts on their roof at the end of the game wins! This fun, interactive phonics deck targeting CVC words allows practice with a speech pathologist or teacher. Compatible with: -Sounds-Write Initial Code Unit 4 -Dandelion Readers Unit 4 -Decodable Readers Australia Level 3 Closely matched to: -Jolly Phonics Week 4 -Little Learners Love Literacy Stage 2 -Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Set 6 -Minilit Set 4 -Macqlit Lesson 5 **Also part of a bundle that includes the first year of a systematic synthetic phonics program in line with Sounds-Write Units 1 to 11 of initial code.**