Sequencing: How to Make a Sandwich

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by LifeinABAPrek

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Subjects: specialed

Grades: 14,13

Description: How to Build Your Own Sandwich: Sequencing This 8 card deck covers the steps to build your own sandwich, all while practicing sequencing skills! How to play: Select if you would like 3 step sequencing, 4 step sequencing, or 5 step sequencing. Talk to your student(s) about the steps presented to make the sandwich, then on the next card you/your student will click and drag the pictures/steps in the correct order This deck provides exposure to varying sequencing language, as well as teaching how to put things in order, how to follow directions/a schedule, building a structure, etc. ex: "Step 1 flip the lady bug over, step 2 put the glue on the ladybug, step 3 place the ladybug onto the paper"