Christmas Rhythm Match 2

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by SweetMusic4All

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Subjects: art

Grades: 2,3,4,5

Description: Christmas Rhythm Match 2! These cards contain holiday phrases or sentences that coordinate with a matching rhythm. There are 3 rhythms to choose from for each phrase used. Click the green circle to listen and then click the matching rhythm for your answer. It is also fun to watch the cute puppy as he "wanders" around the Christmas decorations and finds Santa toward the end. Bonus: A holiday scene kids can decorate on their own, on the last card. Rhythm symbols used: ta, ti-ti, and sh (quarter note, barred eighth notes, and quarter rest) This is quick and fun practice for students that focuses on 4 beat rhythm patterns. A soft clicking sound is used to reinforce the rhythm while I speak the phrases. Thank you and enjoy!